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Unidentified in Saskatchewan - 1998

March 2
The magazine British Columbia Report (ISSN 08472998) published a report: "Dead cows tell no tales: an Alberta cattle mutilation expert has lots of carved–up carcasses and no answer" by Davis Sheremata. (vol. 9 no. 26) at page 20.
The Saskatchewan cases are just like the Alberta and B.C. cases ...the dead animals had an eye, ear, lips and tongue cut out with surgical precision. And nearly every animal was left with two loonie-sized areas where the hair was rubbed off on their underbellies... Only once have mutilators left a track behind, at a northern Saskatchewan farm last year a single–strand barbed wire fence was snapped and the posts bent when something drove through it. "But there was no track anywhere on the ground"". The article goes on to say that at the Saskatchewan farm 15 cattle "have suffered mutilation in the last decade".
May 28th Maidstone, Sask. (Where there have been a lot of UFO sightings).
The Western Producer had an article: " Aliens and cults not responsible for 'mutilations'" by Ed White. The cuts were percise and the animal (elk) were completely drained of blood.
June 21st in Saskatoon
What looked like a flying carpenter's square was seen in Saskatoon. And reported to UFO spottings. The object crossed the sky in less than two seconds.

On July 23rd The Western Producer also had an article:
    "Mutilations not prank, not predators: sleuth"

30 July 1998 Enfold (175 kilometers west of the capital Regina). Sighting reported which reported

"... a disc shaped object with gray bottom and silver top..."

This incident is also mentioned in UFO ROUNDUP Volume 3, Number 32 August 9, 1998. Editor Joseph Trainor.

UFO Roundup Vol. 3, No. 34, (August 25, 1998) also reports that three crop circles appear in farmers fields

"On Sunday, August 9, 1998, a formation consisting of "two circles and a 'doughnut' ring" appeared in a field of durum wheat in Conquest, Sask., a small town on Provincial Highway 15 about 83 kilometers (52 miles) north of Saskatoon. The largest circle measured 10 meters (33 feet) in diameter. "One circle had a short path or 'tail.' Very tight twist of crop in one circle. Another was pressed very hard to the ground."..."

The article goes on to mention crop circles found near Esterhazy, Sask. and

"On Tuesday, August 18, 1998, another crop circle formation appeared on a Hutterite farm colony near Outlook, Sask. (population 2,091), on Highway 15 about eight miles (11 kilometers) east of Conquest."

August 1
"Huge Prints have reserve on lookout for Bigfoot" by Brad Peters. StarPhoenix at page A5. This may have original been published in the Prince Albert Daily Herald.

BEARDY'S RESERVE Strange animal behavior, missing livestock and several huge footprints have many residents of the Beardy's and Okemasis First Nation looking for the legendary Bigfoot.

The search began last Sunday night when Janet Gamble was jogging down the access road which leads to her home when she noticed another set of footprints, a very large set of footprints, in the fine sand of her driveway.

Stopping to observe the prints, she inadvertently destroyed other prints in the soft sand.

"When I noticed the footprint, I looked around to see it again and stepped all over another print," Gamble said. "Realizing what I'd seen, I just panicked."

Gamble immediately called for her husband Dennis. The two of them began an investigation in which they found the tracks leading south down the access road, then cutting west into the bush running alongside the road.

After realizing how long the huge tracks were and how easily they could be destroyed in the soft sand of the road, Gamble called his brother to videotape the footprints. The two brothers, determined to preserve the tracks, taped the easily visible prints running along the access road and followed the path left by the big-footed traveller through the bush and fields.

"It was pretty easy to follow," said Gamble. "Indications of its presence were found with the taller grass pushed down.

"The tracks were still visible, but in the field they were more difficult to see, not as clearly defined."

Word of the Gambles' mysterious visitor spread quickly through the reserve. Since word leaked out, their property has been overrun with curious people seeking a glimpse of the Bigfoot legend.

Gamble said although he understood people's curiosity, the constant flow of visitors is becoming obtrusive.

"We haven't slept properly for a week because of all the people tramping around," he said. "People should understand the prints are no longer there to be seen, they should just stay home."

Due to the relationship between the increasing number of Bigfoot seekers and decreasing number of footprints, Gamble attempted to preserve the tracks for observation and study by making plaster casts of two of the better prints.

"We did have two, but the first was cracked and ruined by a young girl who was playing around it, comparing her foot size," he said. "We are down to one, the one closest to the house."

In an effort to determine the actual nature of the footprints, the Gambles contacted the RCMP, the University of Saskatchewan, and reserve elders.

"The RCMP told us they couldn't do too much else unless something serious happened like a mutilation, the anthropology department of the university didn't seem very interested," said Gamble. "Archie Baptiste, of Red Pheasant reserve was here and he said it was caused by mistysen."

According to Baptiste, mistysen which translates to big man or big person, are a legendary creature which does not go near people and always hides.

Eugene Gardypie, a friend of the Gambles, doesn't understand why the RCMP aren't involved.

"Early in the spring, a nearby farm had a bull go missing, it was later found dead with several bites taken out of it," he said. "Just this past week, another bull has gone missing and so has a Rottweiler from another farm."

Gardypie, who was one of the initial searchers, said tracks had been found "in at least a square mile around the Gamble's place," and several droppings, which he said were not animal or human, were made in the area.

19 August Saskatoon. Channel 8 television reported crop circles around Conquest, Saskatchewan. The video, which was taken August 18th, of the circles was by Outlook Flying Club. Ray Cole, area farmer, was interviewed. There has been a steady stream of people looking at the circles. One lady said She saw a ufo hover over a potash mine 27 years ago.

20 August 1998 "Crop Circle mystify residents" Saskatoon Saskatchewan Star Phoenix by Murray Lyons.


Crop circles on two grain fields in the ConquestOutlook area have local people wondering what kind of phenomenon visited the area 10 or more days ago.

Two crop circles were found Aug. 9 by farmers Ken and Linda Mann on property owned by Ken's father, Art, in the Anerley district.

Shortly after, Hutterites from the nearby Hutterite Brethren of Dinsmore colony reported finding five circles in a field of durum wheat about three kilometres west of the Mann farm.

The circles have resulted in a steady flow of people from the area to view the two fields, which have also been a source of fascination to the 100 residents of the colony.

The circles have also piqued the interest of Circles Phenomenon Research Canada, an affiliate of an international group interested in crop circles.

Paul Anderson, of the group from Vancouver, said the crop circles could have been in the fields for some time before they were actually found. Many sightings on the Prairies are reported in August when harvest begins.

In the Outlook area, Linda Mann got her first-hand look at the circles when she brought supper to the field for her husband and rode with him in the cab of the tractor, which was pulling a double swather unit.

They discovered the circles upon cresting a hill. Mann says she was convinced they had come upon crop circles based on watching television documentaries on crop circle sightings in England.

Ken Mann has subsequently swathed over the crop circles, but Linda says this had no effect on them because the crop appears to have been flattened in a counter-clockwise manner.

"I can't see a person doing it as a hoax," Linda Mann said. "Believe me, the Hutterites wouldn't do it."

Martin Mandel, a plumber on the Hutterite colony, says the five circles on their land are various shapes.

"The first circle looks like there is a tear in it. The second one is a doughnut shape," he said. "The other three you couldn't make any more perfectly.

"It's really something to see."

The Hutterites have both swathed and combined the field of durum where the crop circles were located without disturbing the circles or picking up any grain located within them because they were so close to the ground.

"I don't know how you could pick it up," Mandel said.

While many people are skeptical of crop circle origins and others are quite willing to believe it's related to UFOs, Mandel is adamant no hoax is involved.

"There's no signs of a lot of people tracking around," he said. "To me, it looks like a tornado starting."

Linda Mann says the Hutterite colony circles are twisted even tighter than the ones on her father-in-law's land.

"I still think it's electro-magnetic. But who am I to tell?"

Mann said she wonders whether the presence of nearby communication towers, including a cell phone tower, have anything to do with it.

The large circles on the Mann farm had a diameter of 10 metres, with another smaller circle at three metres.

Mann also took her tape measure when visiting the Hutterite colony's crop circles. One measured 12.5 metres in diameter. Four of the Hutterite circles are in a straight line, she said.

The Manns had Outlook extension agrologist Lorne Hovdestad examine the circles.

Hovdestad, now on holidays, told the local newspaper the crop within the circle did not appear to be damaged in any way.

Although some of his colleagues are convinced UFOs are involved, Anderson won't go that far, saying only a considerable amount of energy is involved.

This year, he says, there have been reports of damage in England to the hulls and the plant stem nodes of grain, as well as dead flies on the stems of the crops, which disintegrate on the touch.

"The results are similar to microwave kind of energy," he said. "How that could have happened, that's beyond me."

Meanwhile, Mann says the crop circles may be a sign for her husband, who has been wanting to get out of farming.

"He was so happy to see it."

24 August 1998 "Crop circles leave farmer wondering" by Terri Eger in the World-Spectator Newpaper has an aeral photo of one large crop circle and below it a little crop circle. Below the photo is: "Crop circles in Qu"Appelle Valley
  These crop circles appeared in the Qu'Appelle Valley next to highway 9 on Aug. 15. This photo was taken from an airplane on Tuesday afternoon, when a few people were out checking the circle"

  "...Last week attention turned to a formation found in the Qu'Appelle Valley.

  Randy Flick of Esterhazy... saw the circles in a field east of Highway 9. [Saturday morning August 15]

  ..."The circles were located in a mature field of duram wheat owned by George Bergstrom.

  An oval-shaped area of crop measuring about 72 feet across was flattened.

  A two-foot ring of standing crop circled that area, with another two-foot crop of flattened crop around that.

  A nine foot path led from the large circle to a smaller circle measuring 12 feet across."

The article goes on to say that the circle is oblong, that it was in a counter-clockwise direction. That the flattened crop "was not broken or cut"
August 24, 1998
Alberta Report as a report of "One gigantic jogger : footprints found near a Saskatchewan home are too big to be human" by Safer Parker Jr. Vol. 25 no. 36 at page 40 and 41. This is under the science section. And surprising it is quite serious and scholarly in tone.
  When Dennis Gamble reported the footprints, 14 inches long and 7 inches wide, to the University of Saskatchewan Anthropology Department – the University wasn't interested and told Mr. Gamble to talk to the R.C.M.P. The article has a picture of the cast of a footprint alongside a size 12 shoe. They also had a handprint.
...Eugene Gardypie, a friend of the Gambles, told the Prince Albert Daily Herald that tracks had been spotted " in at least a square mile around the Gamble's place," and strange droppings, which were neither human nor any familiar animal. Mr. Gardypie was critical of the RCMP for refusing to investigate in the face of serveral cattle mutilations in the area and the unexplained absence of a Rottweiler dog".
The article goes on to say that there had been previous sightings of a Bigfoot–type creature in the Qu'appelle Valley.

25 August, 1998 Tuesday "Crop Circle cause skepticism" reported in The Miner Journal : a community newspaper published weekly. Vol. 27 No. 34 Front page. [I'm getting this from: Circles Phenomenon Research Canada: affiliate of circle phenomenon research international : Summary report 1998]. The circle appeared in the Qu'Appelle valley "near highway no. 9". It measured "approximately 72 feet across[, and] had a ring around it"

1998 August 27 The Western Producer has a article, " Flattened grain rekindles crop circle debate" at page 11 by Michael Raine (Saskatoon Newsroom). This article is about the Conquest crop circles. The article says that the circles were flattened in a counter clock-wise motion.

"The circles range in size, some just over a metre and a half and other up to 14.5 metres in diameter.

Many show a tail resembling the international women's symbol with a cross extending from the circle. The crosses, in both the colony's field and [Ken] Mann's crop, point in a south-southwest direction are are of even size, independent of the circle's diameter."

The article contained two pictures of people standing around the circles. This "female symbol" shows up again in 1999, but in 1999 there are two circle symbols, with one being larger that the other.

14 September 1998 in Wapella, SK, a single circle, 11 feet in diameter, counterclockwise, wheat was found. It had a tight spiral lay of crop.

21 September Spy Hill Saskatchewan.
Circle with ring, 24' diameter, counterclockwise, wheat. Tight spiral lay of crop. See more crop circles are found in Saskatchewan.

There was also a newspaper article on this - during the week of September 21, at page 7A of the Community Review

  Another crop circle has been discovered, this time in the Qu'Appelle Valley, southeast of Spy Hill...

My source for this was the book, Circle Phenomenon Research Canada : affilate of Circles Phenomenon Research International : Summary 1998.

1998 September Crop circles in Midale, Saskatchewan reported by CPR-Canada

"...of three more formations, in the Midale area of southern Saskatchewan, near Estevan.

Midale #1 - single circle, found August 17, 15 ' diametre.
Midale #2 - three circles, found August 24, in separate field west of #1
Midale #3 - three circles, found late August, each is 22' in diametre.

Like others reported, all these circles were perfectly flattened, no breakage, no tracks and no disturbance to soil beneath flattened stalks."

There also mentioned a picture from The Estevan Mercury Wednesday Sept. 2, 1998. Which shows three circles all in alignment like this: ... The title underneath the picture is More crop circles found

"These three crop circles were found south of Midale last week. They measure approximately 22 feet across. These are the third set of circles to be found in the Midale area in the last two weeks."

The photo was take from a plane (Sunrise Aviation).

On November 19 the National Post newspaper did an short article, by David Staples, on " Dead cattle alert issued to solve mutilation puzzle" which mentions cattle mutilations in Saskatchewan.


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The Day After Roswell. There are a few references to the cattle mutilation phenomena throughout this book. The author argues that this has been going on since the 1950s. See pages 183 and 184:
  "We didn't know their reasons back in the 1950s and 1960s and can only make educated guesses about them now, but back then we were driven by a terror that unless we found ways to defend ourselves against the EBEs [Extraterrestrial Biological Entities] we would be corralled by them and used for replacement tissue or as a source of nutrition.... in 1957 this was our thinking both in the White House and in the military."
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