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Unidentified in Saskatchewan - 1992

There was a lot of UFO activity in Saskatoon, and Saskatchewan, in 1992. And a lot of newspaper articles in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix. Why 1992? I don't know.

Please see the:

March 1 at Whitewood, SK
Five hour encounter with beings, normal height estimated to be 5 feet 6 inches. Telepathic communication. Witness reported part of the encounter to the National UFO Reporting Center.
...I was parked at the truck stop in .... over night. I went to sleep around 2130 and shortly after found myself aboard a craft that was white with a blue stripe. There were windows on both sides but I dont remember seeing any passengers from the outside. I was within 20 feet of it. It was shaped like a passenger jet complete with a rudder from the side but had no wings when viewed from the ground underneath the craft. This was the craft I went inside. The other craft was sguare, like a platform. There were many beings inside some looked very human but others were quite pale. They were normal height, all under 5-6 i would think. We all communicated telepethically. They were friendly. I knew this not just because they appeared friendly but i could communicate openly with their minds or at least the mind of the one I assume was the leader. He was the one who communicated with me anyway. I never did ! remember everything that happened that night. I do recollect that part of my memory was erased. I was made aware of this. As well it was I believe 19 years ago and my memory isnt that great. I do remember that i had the propulsion system explained to me in some detail. I was always interested in mechanical things and this craft was powered by some form of hydrogen. in the fog they could run forever without fuel by taking in water from the air. It was a very foggy spring that year. They showed me 2 fuel tanks that appeared to be white poly. They were around 2 and a half gallons. They told me how far they could go on one of these tanks of water, it was very impressive but i dont remember the distance. They showed off a little bit with the blue and white vessel. The maneuvers it did were quite impressive. I was standing beside my truck while they did figure eights over my head. ...
11 March
" Planet Earth is being visited by alien spacecraft: researcher" at page A4. Stanton Friedman at the University of Saskatchewan.

March 15
The Saskatoon StarPhoenix has an article " Planet Earth is being visited by alien spacecraft: researcher". The researcher being Stanton Friedman and he gave a lecture at the University of Saskatchewan.

March 20, There was an article in the Regina Leader Post about the town of Langenburg using their UFO past as a tourist attraction.

Good Friday, 1992. Source Broadway Magazine (ISSN 1192–0076) September-October at page 35. The author is Dave Geary.

"Sometime after 7:30 p.m. on Good Friday, 1992, Gloria saw what at first appeared to be a bright light over railway tracks in the Confederation area. The light moved, and she realized that she had been looking at the bottom of an inverted, shallow bowl-shaped object of dull, metallic colour, about 10 to 20 feet in diameter ... [original document has a sketch]. It hovered silently above a power pole, and then zipped away. The next day, Gloria noticed several helicopters in the same area..."

April 27
Regina Leader Post reports "Ghost in Nightclub?" by Trevor Sutter at page A3 re: ghost at Moose Head Inn at Kenosee, Saskatchewan. This 'haunting' is also mentioned at page 22 and 23 of Ghost Stories of Saskatchewan by Jo-anne Christensen, under the subtitle, "Mystery at the Moose Head". And Dave Yanko, has a web page on this entitled, Ghost Toast?

May 20th
Report of a sasquatch sighting on the webpage, Saskatchewan Sasquatch Sightings. "I just caught the biggest northern pike of my life, when I turn around in the boat in total fear. I caught a glimps of the animal on the bank on the river disappearing into the forest. It was approx. 8 foot tall hair all over. I was approx 100 yards from the animal. It took me awhile to calm down and then went back to camp. I mention to the owner that I saw something strange in the forest and he tried to convience me that it was a bear walking upright with a cub through the forest. I did not say I saw bigfoot or a bear just something strange.".

June 13
"On the track of UFOs" at page C1 and C3 Farmer Edwin Fuhr's Strange Sighting in His Fields. See also:

July 18 Star-Phoenix Local A7. Now this report is in the area south of Edmonton, but I am including it here because I think that the if it was happening near Edmonton, it was also happening in Saskatchewan. Only our reports never hit the paper. The RCMP were brought in to investigate.


  Since September, seven heifers each worth about $600 have been killed, and six have had their sex organs removed. Often, their blood has been drained.

  The surgical neatness of the wounds and the tidy site around the cadavers has sparked speculation about how the killings occurred...

August 7 Friday
StarPhoenix " Circle in alfalfa field difficult to explain" at page A2 Local/Regional.

August 10
StarPhoenix " Bizarre circle in field continues to perplex" at page A2.
August 26
Star Phoenix article Could mysterious lights be UFOs?

13 August
The Western Producer reports at page 49 "Coyotes or cults mutilating cattle" (pdf file).

20 August 1992 on either "Canada A.M." or CBC television, they interviewed a man that videotaped clouds. Examining it frame by frame - UFOs would show up on frames. They were so fast that showing the video at normal speed nothing would show up

1992 August 26, Saskatoon Star Phoenix on the front page Could mystery lights be UFOs? (pdf).

"...They were heading south on Highway 219 and they had just passed the White Cap Reserve at about 9 p.m. when they saw about 10 lights in a diagonal line.

Then the lights went out. One by one they began reappearing, this time in a circle formation. They disappeared and reappeared again in an "abstract" formation...

What was "quite strange" about these lights was that they had little streams of smoke, similar to the smoke made by fireworks. Except these ones were going upwards...

The whole episode lasted about five to 10 minutes.

The lights were yellowish - white and were brighter than stars, and "way brighter than yard lights"...

September 5
StarPhoenix has a very short article UFO reported (pdf)
September 26
Saskatoon StarPhoenix article on page A3 entitled, " New Language". Circles were found by Ed Beauchesne, (Albertville - near Prince Albert) and Chad Deetken, of Pacific Research went to investigate.
September 26
Leader Post at page C11 " Crop circles found".
September 29
"Saskatchewan crop rings baffle" in Winnipeg Free Press at page B10.

October 2 crop circles at Nipawin, Saskatchewan. This site has since moved or disappeared. It had a colour photo (copyright Bruce Grandfield) and the date; and was at: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Cavern/3310/nipawin

October 9, 1992
Star Phoenix cover story. Alien visitor described (pdf file page A1). The dramatic story continues at page A2 – U.S. reports include accounts of human–like hybrid babies.

October 10 (Saturday) Star Phoenix newspaper.
Woman beamed aboard UFO shuts off TV shows about aliens by Art Robinson of the StarPhoenix. I believe the title is in response to a television show about one of Budd Hopkins' books, perhaps, Intruders. The article is on page A1 and page A2 (pdf files)

October 13 Star Phoenix Tuesday.
"Public told aliens aren't dangerous" by Art Robinson.

13 October 1992 Tuesday Saskatoon Star Phoenix "Man Alive [television program] looks at UFO abductions". The article is by Wendy McCann of the Canadian Press. CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) did a television show about abductions, but there was no mention of Saskatchewan abductions.

15 October
"Saskatchewan's Crop Circles Unusal, Says Expert" by Mary MacArthur in The Western Producer at page 17.

16 October
Saskatoon Star Phoenix has an artilce "Bizarre or not, UFO stories can be believed : researcher" at page A7.

16 November
"UFO believers are down-to-earth; Prairie residents swap stories of their close encounters" by Mark Lowey of Calgary Herald printed in the Montréal Gazette at page A6.

November 20 Saskatoon Star Phoenix at page A10 Local Aliens abducted me: UFO researcher by Art Robinson of the Star Phoenix. There is a picture of of Laurie Vassos holding two books, Communion and The Watchers by Raymond Fowler.

UFO researcher Dr. Laurie Vassos has himself been abducted by extra-terrestrials, he told the StarPhoenix Thursday.

Vassos, who last weekend hosted a conference in Banff, Alta., on the subject has decided to go public with the information..."

The article says that Dr. Vassos first encounter was in 1989 in Wyoming. He encountered a "humanoid, it wasn't a grey fellow". The article goes on to describe some of this experiences...
November 27
Star Phoenix at page A3: Unidentified light show reported by Art Robinson of the StarPhoenix
December 1,
Star Phoenix BONA FIDE SIGHTING at page A3.